At the beginning of the present Administration, the roads of the Wholesale Market presented a great deterioration of the asphalt cover, as they showed undulations and bumps of up to 50 centimeters of depth, which affected the more than 60 thousand vehicles that circulate daily. Faced with this situation, authorities of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City designed a program to put new asphalt in primary and perimeter roads, as well as... Read more
In order to make available to the public daily the retail prices of the Basic Basket that is marketed in this wholesale center, authorities of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City developed an application that can be consulted from a cell phone. Among the objectives are that the user can check daily the price of fruits, groceries, vegetables and legumes, as well as the location of the warehouses and shops in which these products are sold. Just install APP CEDACDMX, through your favorite store... Read more
According to the vision of government, headed by Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa, Head of Government of Mexico City; which seeks to guarantee food and nutritional security to the population of Mexico City, a non-profit civil association was created, called the Banco de Alimentos de la Central de Abasto de la Ciudad de México, A.C. (Food Bank of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City), which has the support of the different Commercial Sectors operating in the CEDA (Wholesale Market), as well as the Technical Committee of the private representation of FICEDA (Trust for the Construction and Operation of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City). The Food Bank channels its donations to serve.. Read more
The Bodega del Arte (Art Warehouse) has been the scene of numerous exhibitions, book presentations, plays, conferences and workshops aimed at the community of this supply center. The cultural center is located in the W-X Corridor, Aisle 4 of the Fruits and Vegetables Sector. It has an auditorium for 240 people, audio and projection equipment and air conditioning system and was designed to give shelter to various sociocultural events. Among the most recent are the following Read more
On average, 400 thousand people arrive daily in this Wholesale Market; it receives 60 thousand vehicles and approximately 90 thousand employees work in it, and most of them walk to their warehouse or commercial shops in any of the eight Sectors of the Wholesale Market; So it was essential to have an internal transportation system such as CEDABÚS for the thousands of customers and users who come to this business center. It began operations on August 1 of the same year. It consists of 12 units that cross the commercial area of the CEDA (Wholesale Market), in two circuits, and has connections with the stations Apatlaco and Aculco, Line 8
The The Wholesale Center of Mexico City supports working mothers and parents and employees of warehouses and low-income shops with free care for their children, whose ages range from four to 17 years, in the Child Care Center DIF CDMX-CEDA, where it offers them personalized attention for their care and development. All the services of this space are free because the objective is to support those workers who need
The Wholesale Market of Mexico City receives on average 65 thousand vehicles a day, including individuals who require parking spaces for buyers to make their purchases in a comfortable and safe way. At the beginning of the present Administration, the eight air parking lots with 3,224 parking spaces within this wholesale center, presented conditions
The Supply Center had not had any improvement or application of floors for 32 years. In the absence of maintenance, the concrete floor in Corridors and Aisles had suffered degradation, which caused the creation of bumps and accumulation of garbage. In addition, faulty lids and drainage, broken construction joints and faulty joints were identified. According to this diagnosis, the program Application of Industrial Floors was elaborated in two stages. ACTIONS: Authorities of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City, in collaboration with the representation
Of the 56 toilets in the Wholesale Market of Mexico City, installed in different sectors, most were abandoned and demolished and without water service. Of the total, 9 of them were closed and / or abandoned; 32 offered little attention because of the lack of adequate facilities; 5 offered a regular service and 10 were half-destroyed. Faced with this diagnosis, the Coordination and General Administration determined to establish external supports with capacity and economic solvency for efficient operation
Ensuring the safety of the community has been one of the fundamental tasks of the Coordination and General Administration of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City. Therefore, from the beginning of its management, it promoted important actions, among them, the decrease and elimination of the criminal index, greater efficiency in the referral of alleged offenders to the authority, as well as better coordination and supervision of Corporations of