Be the system shaft of the country food supply contributing to market regulation in order to provide consumers with the best quality and price.  
  Ensure adequate, timely and in the best conditions of hygiene, the supply of food products to the people of the Valley of México and part of the country, through the modernization of its infrastructure and control of the flow of products, for the benefit of producers, traders and consumers.  

Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, Head of Government of México City, appointed Sergio Palacios Trejo as the new General Coordinator of the Wholesale Market of Mexico City (CEDA), starting on March 1st.

Likewise, at the XXVII Special Meeting of the full Technical Committee, made up of 10 Representatives of the Government of Mexico City and 10 Representatives of the Merchants, Palacios Trejo was elected General Administrator after the Secretary of said Committee read the agenda Proposed by the Head of Government, and put to the vote.

This decision was entered into Agreement CT / XXVII / E / 01/17, which meant that the command of the General Coordination and the General Administration continues in the same person, with all the legal powers that this designation represents.
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