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Almost 600 years ago, the legendary market “The great Tlanechicoloyan” was founded, which is the historical background of the wholesale market of México City, where, as in the old square, the great variety of products that change hands in it, come from many corners of México.

The construction of the Wholesale Market (Central de Abasto-CEDA) in the seventies of the twentieth century was the answer to one of the imperative demands of the capital, whose main market, La Merced, no longer responded efficiently to the needs of the time. By contrast, the physical space occupied in the center of the city and growing consumer demand, were causing traffic congestion and delays in timely loading and unloading of products; so it was urgent to find a better option.


With a commitment to create a new site that would combine tradition with modernity, the authorities put the project design in the hands of Abraham Zabludovsky, one of the best architects in the world, who made an impressive work given its size and functionality. In addition, its strategic geographical location facilitates entry and exit of products to any part of Mexico City and the various states that surround it.

In March of 1981, the works for the construction of the CEDA started in a site called Chinamperías, located in the Iztapalapa Delegation, and was inaugurated on 22 November 1982 by President José López Portillo.